Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet
NameEmily Lucy Mingay
Birth1846, Norwich
Death1893, Norwich
FatherFrederic James Mingay (1820-)
MotherSarah Harriet Bridges (1820-)
Birth1849, Norwich
Death12 Jun 1904, Edinburgh
FatherWilliam Murrell (1820-)
MotherRachael [Murrell] (1820-)
Birth1846, Spixworth
Death1897, Norwich
FatherJohn BROUGHTON (1809-1893)
MotherMary Catherine COE (1810-1874)
Marriage1874, Yarmouth
ChildrenEdith Louisa (1876-1961)
Notes for Emily Lucy Mingay
Emily Lucy Mingay was born in Norwich in 1846 and was the daughter of Frederick Mingay (1820) and Sarah Harriet Bridges. In 1851 she was living in Chapel Street In Norwich. In 1861 she was living in the White Horse In Crooks Place, Chapel Street, Norwich, and was a servant in the household of publican George Gibson. She married Owen Murrell (1848) at Norwich Register Office on 22nd May 1866 and had a daughter called Emily Rachel in the same year. In 1871 she was living with her parents and daughter in the greengrocer's shop in Crook's Place in the St. Stephen area of Norwich. At this time she was working as a shoe machinist. Owen abandoned her in 1871, and she married Lemuel Broughton (1846) in Yarmouth in 1874 - presumably bigamously. In 1881 she was a dressmaker and was living in Thorn Lane in Norwich. Her first daughter, Emily, was living with her grandmother in Lakenham. In 1891 she was living at 88 Thorn Lane. She died in Norwich in 1893.

• 1. 1881 Census. Thorn Lane, Norwich. Emily Broughton. Wife. Aged 34. Born Norwich. • 2. 1881 Census on microfiche. Occupation given as dressmaker. • 3. Death Registers. Broughton, Emily Lucy. Mar. 1893. 4b. 93. Norwich. Aged 46. • 4. 1891 Census. 88 Thorn Lane, Norwich. Emily Broughton. Wife. Age 44. Born Norwich. • 5. Marriage Registers. Broughton, Lemuel & Murrell, Emily. Dec. 1874. 4b. 60. Yarmouth. • 6. 1871 Census. Crook's Place, Green Grocer's Shop, Norwich St. Stephen. Emily Lucy Murrell. Daughter. Married. Age 24. Machinist. Born Norwich. • 7. Marriage Registers. Mingay, Emily L & Murrell, Owen. Jun. 1866. 4b. 252. Norwich. • 8. Birth Registers. Mingay, Emily. Jun. 1846. 13. 276. Norwich. • 9. 1851 Census. Chapel Street, Crook's Place, Norwich St Stephen. Emily Mingay. Daughter. Age 5. Scholar. • 10. Marriage Certificate. 1866. Register Office, Norwich. No. 30. Twenty second May 1866. Owen Murrell, 18 years, Bachelor. Iron Moulder. Saint Stephen’s Square, Saint Stephen. Father: William Murrell, Iron Founder. Emily Lucy Mingay, 19 years, Spinster. Shoe Machinist. Crooks Place, Saint Stephen. Father: Frederick Mingay, French Polisher. John Oddin Taylor, Registrar. Witnesses: Henry Amy, Hannah Amy. • 11. Susan Dickson's data. Emily Lucy Mingay married Owen Murrell in 1866 when she was 6 months pregnant. He abandoned her and lived with Lillian Gertrude (Mary Elizabeth) Crothall, with whom he had 7 children, between 1871 and 1884. Owen was posted to Ireland with the Inniskilling Dragoons. Owen settled in Edinburgh and left Lillian Crothall to marry Janet Rose in 1896. He died in Edinburgh in 1904.
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